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December 2020 Economic Update

December 16, 2020 | Revenue & Economic Update

The December edition of our Monthly Economic Update includes links to recent articles and reports that provide insight into state or national economic, demographic and fiscal trends. 

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December Economic and Revenue Update

December 09, 2020 | News Stand & Other

Director Matthew Knittel provided an economic update to the PA Association of Community Bankers.

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PPP Loans to Pennsylvania Businesses

December 08, 2020 | News Stand & Other

This research brief examines the impact of the PPP on Pennsylvania businesses by considering the number and type of firms affected, the potential employment impact and possible tax implications.

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November 2020 Revenue Update

December 01, 2020 | Revenue & Economic Update

The Commonwealth collected $2.34 billion in General Fund revenues for November, a decrease of $18.3 million (-0.8%) compared to November 2019.

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