About IFO

The Independent Fiscal Office was created by Act 120 of 2010, and Act 100 of 2016 transferred its authorizing statute to Article VI-B of the Administrative Code. The office Mission Statement is as follows:

The Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) provides revenue projections for use in the state budget process along with impartial and timely analysis of fiscal, economic and budgetary issues to assist Commonwealth residents and the General Assembly in their evaluation of policy decisions. In that capacity, the IFO does not support or oppose any policy it analyzes, and will disclose the methodologies, data sources and assumptions used in published reports and estimates. The IFO will seek to establish collaborative relationships with the General Assembly, executive agencies and various non-governmental organizations that have an interest in the policy making process.


Matthew Knittel
Formerly employed as a financial economist by the US Department of Treasury and an economist by the Michigan Department of Treasury. Mr. Knittel holds a M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from Michigan State University and a bachelor's degree in Economics from Hope College in Holland, Michigan. Mr. Knittel has taught courses at George Washington, Johns Hopkins, and Penn State Universities and published several articles in the National Tax Journal, the NBER and US Treasury's Office of Tax Analysis working paper series.
Brenda Warburton
Deputy Director
Prior to joining the IFO, Ms. Warburton held several positions related to state budgeting and tax policy and administration in the commonwealth, including executive deputy secretary for the Office of the Budget, research director for the Department of Revenue, and unemployment compensation tax services director for the Department of Labor and Industry. Ms. Warburton holds a M.P.A. in Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and a B.A. in International Studies from American University.
Stacey Knavel
Principal Revenue Analyst
Formerly employed as a manager in the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue's Bureau of Research, where she coordinated the revenue forecasting process for both the General Fund and the Motor License Fund. Ms. Knavel also conducted policy analysis related to a wide variety of tax types and participated in shaping many aspects of the Department's tax policy. Ms. Knavel holds a B.S. in Finance from Pennsylvania State University.
Karen Maynard
Revenue Analyst II
Primary responsibilities at the IFO include forecasting personal income tax revenues, coordinating the forecasting of various department expenditures and working on special projects pertaining to education, demographics and other subjects as needed. Ms. Maynard was formerly employed as an Economist at the Joint State Government Commission where she provided statistical and economic data analysis on a very broad range of subjects including Earned Income Tax Credits, K-12 and postsecondary education, health care, and state pension benefits. Ms. Maynard holds a M.A. in Economics from Penn State University and two bachelor's degrees, in Economics and Mathematics, and a minor in Business Administration from Mansfield University of Pennsylvania.
Joseph Shockey
Revenue Analyst II
Prior to joining the IFO, Mr. Shockey was employed as an analyst by several commonwealth agencies including the Office of the Budget, Department of Revenue's Bureau of Research and Pennsylvania Department of Transportation's Bureau of Fiscal Management. Mr. Shockey's experience includes analysis of state budgets, policy and legislation, and revenue and cash flow. Mr. Shockey holds a B.S. in Finance from Grove City College in Grove City, Pennsylvania.
Lesley Rompalo
Revenue Analyst
Holds a B.A. from Gettysburg College with dual majors in Economics and Public Policy with a focus in United States Economic Policy as well as a minor in Studio Art. Her primary responsibility at IFO includes forecasting revenues from cigarettes, realty transfers, and fines and penalties.
Jesse Bushman
Revenue Analyst
Holds a B.S. in Economics with a minor in Business Administration from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. His primary responsibilities at the IFO include forecasting revenues from the inheritance and gross receipts taxes along with numerous projects related to school district property taxes and natural gas. Prior to joining the IFO, Mr. Bushman was employed as a Purchasing Intern at Volvo Construction Equipment in Shippensburg, PA.
Rachel Flaugh
Revenue Analyst
Holds a B.S. from Duquesne University in Economics with a concentration in International Business. Her primary responsibilities at the IFO include forecasting revenues from minor and repealed taxes, insurance premiums and financial institutions.
Robyn Toth
Office Manager
Prior to joining the IFO, Ms. Toth held various management positions in the retail sector as well as a Client Services Analyst position where her duties included hiring, scheduling and performance projections. Primary responsibilities at the IFO include payroll, taxes and supporting the staff as needed.