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Welcome to the Home page of the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO). This page provides links to materials recently published or presented by the IFO. For a complete listing of publications and presentations made during the past year, please see the Releases page. If you would like to receive e-mails from the IFO when new documents are posted to this website, please sign up for our e-mail alerts. Click here to add your address to the list.

  • A mid-year update to the IFO’s revenue estimate for FY 2014-15 is available.
  • The Quarterly Revenue Review compares actual revenues to IFO estimates. The latest edition covers the fourth quarter of 2014 (October through December) .
  • The Revenue Trends Report for December 2014 is available. Prior months are available on the "Releases" tab.
  • The Monthly Economic Report for December 2014 is available. Prior months are available on the "Releases" tab.
  • An update of the IFO's school property tax forecast for fiscal years 2013-14 through 2019-20 is available.
  • A report entitled Fiscal Implications of a York County School District Consolidation is available.
  • IFO Director Matthew Knittel recently made a presentation to the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA) discussing the economic and budget outlook and fiscal year-to-date revenues.
  • Pennsylvania's Economic & Budget Outlook: Fiscal Years 2014-15 to 2019-20 is available.
  • State Economic Comparison is a research brief that uses new data to examine the performance of the Pennsylvania economy and four adjacent states over a ten year period.
  • Fiscal Year 2014-15 Quarterly Revenue Estimates for the General Fund, Motor License Fund and Lottery Fund are available.
  • A report entitled Natural Gas Extraction: An Interstate Tax Comparison is available.