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Welcome to the Home page of the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO). This page provides links to materials recently published or presented by the IFO. For a complete listing of publications and presentations made during the past year, please see the Releases page.

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      Recent reports and documents:

  • Monthly Trends Report for July 2015. This new report combines elements of the Revenue Trends Report and the Monthly Economic Report, which have been discontinued. (This report was revised on 8-5-15.)
  • Impact Fee Update and 2015 Outlook. This research brief presents final CY 2014 impact fee revenues and the corresponding annual average effective tax rate. The updated brief also provides new analysis of recent production data and discusses possible scenarios for CY 2015 impact fee collections (remitted in April 2016).
  • Budget and Revenue Update. Director Matthew Knittel made a presentation at an event sponsored by the Pennsylvania Business Council.
  • Updated revenue estimates. The IFO's official estimate for FY 2015-16 with an updated estimate for FY 2014-15.
  • Sales and use and personal income tax testimony and data tables. Director Matthew Knittel recently submitted testimony for a public hearing conducted by the Senate Finance Committee.
  • Severance tax testimony and data tables.  Director Matthew Knittel recently testified at a public hearing conducted by the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy and Finance Committees.
  • Financial transactions tax. Letter discussing issues that should be considered when evaluating a potential state-level tax on the transfer of securities. 
  • Analysis of revenue proposals in the 2015-16 Executive Budget. The analysis addresses the estimated fiscal impact and tax incidence for each proposal.  (Updated July 2 to include two clarifying footnotes.)
  • State and Local Taxes: A Comparison Across States. This report examines how Pennsylvania's state and local tax structure compares to other states.
  • Pennsylvania Gaming Trends. This research brief examines tax revenue trends for casino and pari-mutuel gaming and net profit trends for the lottery.