Performance-Based Budget Reviews

January 18, 2019 | Performance Budgeting

Act 48 of 2017 requires the Independent Fiscal Office (IFO) to develop performance-based budget plans for all agencies under the Governor's jurisdiction once every five years. For the first year, the IFO reviewed the Department of Criminal Justice, which includes the Department of Corrections (DOC) and Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole (PBPP); Department of General Services (DGS); Department of Banking and Securities (DOBS); Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD); and the Juvenile Court Judges' Commission (JCJC).

Criminal Justice Report

DGS Report

DOBS Report

PCCD Report

JCJC Report

PBB and Criminal Justice Overview Presentation

Tax Credit and PBB Overview Presentation

Full Report